Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lace and Army Styles

Hey Lovelies, my computer is being a spaz AGAIN. Gah. Serial. Not cool! When I go to Blogger in Internet Explorer its all weird up the top and doesnt have the buttons to get to my dashboard so I couldnt do a post or read the blogs I follow yesterday :( Its doing the same thing tonight so I tried it in Mozilla and its working WTF? Technology really bites sometimes I hope its back to normal tomorrow!

Anywho once again im wearing my newish army green jacket, it goes with so much I love it. This day I paired it with girly lace for a bit of a casual feel to my outfit.

Boots & tights - Farmers, Dress - JayJays, Belt - Trademe, Jacket - Kmart

 I just got my hair did and its all straight and pretty and non regrowthy yay!

Happy Hump day all Im off to cook Butter Chicken Wraps for dinner and to have a well deserved mid week Bourbon! Oh totally celebrated my year at my job today got taken out for afternoon tea hehe. xxx


  1. i like how you mixed the grungy jacket with the feminine dress - works so well.



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