Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What power?

We were without power yesterday for 12 hours! So stressfull as we didnt know what was wrong, power company hadnt done it and couldnt see any faults and we couldnt get ahold of the Landlord. As you may know we are moving soon and we have been trying to get ahold of the Landlord for 4 days!! I think its ridiculous that we arent able to contact him - what are we supposed to do? We had to take our frozen food to a mates house so it didnt all defrost and we eventually got ahold of the Landlord (who didnt seem to graso the urgency of the situation) and got our power back on. Not ideal!! Not a good start to the week lol.

My outfit is just a comfy, casual one today as ya do!

Boots - The Warehouse
Jeans - Supre
Lace top - Jay Jays
Top - Mum
Blazer - Thrifted
Jewelery - Bling

Fark. I hate computers. It wont let me make the picture bigger and its come out all squished. Seriously! I uploaded it the same as the picture aboe and it comes out all munted I dont get it? Gah. Time for bed I think lol

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lace, wedges, polka dots and suspenders ;)

Another weekend over :( We've been trying since Friday to get ahold of our landlord to tell him we are moving out but he is not replying to any of our phone calles or messages! Im not quite sure what to do :(

On another note though, I had a nice night in lastnight. We got some munchie food and dvds and had a few mates round we watched Date Night and Kick Ass. Both were good but I preferred Date Night. Its always good when theres a few decent DVds out I hate when u cant find one that you wanna see and end up getting some random crap movie!

My outfit for today (well last week haha) is pretty out there lol I was doning a bit of experimenting with my new wedges. Ive seen a few other bloggers with knee high socks over lace tights and I wanted to tyr it.

Please exscuse the squished photo!

Wedges - Cotton On
Stockings - Farmers
Socks - The warehouse
Skirt - Valley Girl - missing a button :(
Top - Cotton On

hehe cheesy! I also picked up a few new accessories up on sake the other day - love my cute bow headband!

Yay a side on view of my new wedges! Love them so much.

Close up of my new accessories - isnt the ring so cute?!

All accessories from Bling.

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flower Power

Alas it is Friday again! Not much planned for the weekend, I have a PT session at the gym tomorrow then I have to help my friend move her stuff out of the place she shared with her bf :( The we are going to get some junk food and watch DVDs and try keep her kind off things! So I guess that is stuff planned haha.

We got offered a new house to rent yesterday so thats pretty big news! We werent in a hurry to move until we found the perfect house but this has come along and it ticks all our boxes so we couldnt say no. I emailed and text my landlord today to let him know but so far no reply.....anyway we move in 3 weeks!! Im totally excited as we are going from a 3 story apartment to a single story house with no shared driveway but I cant be arsed packing lol. Guess I'll have to start cleaning the house too :(

I bought this dress off Trademe awhile ago I think its totally cute - I never thought I'd wear flowers but Ive got a few flower items now! I love the neckline on it. I wore it for my bf's bday party last Saturday. Its still winter here so had to pair it with some tights so I didnt freeze!

Dress - Trademe
Tights - Farmers
Heels - Hannahs

Hope you all have a great weekend xxx

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love wedges!!

I had a random day off work today in the middle of the week. I hit the gym then went to visit my friend and her cute wee bubba, then I set about getting down to some serious shopping!! Theres a few things I have been wanting lately so I was on the prowl. I find that I cant bring myself to buy anything unless its really cheap or on sale - lucky for me I found me some damn good bargains today! Put it this way - i bought 3 pairs of shoes for $100 and their total normal price was $225 - score! The ankle wedges I have been on a waiting list for still havent come in but I decided to get a pair in a different colour - if I cant have the black I'll at least have another colour! I also found me some cute as brown wedges and another pair of flat black boots which were on my wish list. I have been searching for a black maxi dress to which I found yay! Cant wait for the weather to get warmer so i can wear it :) I will wear my new stuff over the next week or so so you can all see my new bargains hehe.

I have been finding very cute wedges lately and I LOVE wedges - I found these awesome wedges in Cotton On last week and I wore them to dinner with my bfs family. I should have got a side on pic so you can see them fully - they are gorg! I think this top is so cute with the polka dots/lace detail - and the cute wee bow at the back!

Wedges - Cotton On
Tights - Farmers
Skirt - Supre
Top/jumpsuit thing - Valley Girl
Belt - Cant remember

Back detailing:

One more day of work then its the weekend yay! I think its gonna feel like a long weekend since Ive had today off awesome! My poor friend has broken up with her bf so im trying to keep her spirits up and spend time with her at the mo :) Boys are stupid! except mine ;) hehe


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Im not good with scarves other than to tie it round my kneck in the usual way....which is boring! I decided I couldnt do a completely black so I chose to wear my Blazer with blue sleeves and try out my bright blue scarf.....I still dont know any different ways to wear it, its pretty much just sitting there lol. But hey it had the desired affect of  brightening up my outfit!

Scarf - A gift
Dress - Supre
Tights - Farmers
Boots - The warehouse
Blazer - farmers

My poor girlfriend has broken up with her bf so im on friend duty this week. Gonna help her shift her stuff out of their flat on Saturday and probably have a girls night :) Bring on the weekend!!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pink socks!

Great weekend! Dinner Friday night then Saturday I went paintballing for the first time, its a good workout lol. I managed to shoot a couple of people, I wanted to shoot more but I ran out of bullets :( I now have 3 welts/bruises up my leg lol. Was good fun though! After we had a bbq and drinks out our place, played some drinking games, watched some movies the usual! Down side was our mates car was parked down the drive outside our garage and some fuckers tried to break into it! We were all still up drinking and shit - the cheek of them! They set his alarm off so he went downstairs and found the door open and ignition tampered with. No sign of the person though, I cant believe someone would be so brazen as to do that when we were clearly still up!! They must be fast runners too! Really unnerves you :(

Other than that it was a good night. Not even a slight hangover this morning which Im stoked about, such a nice day today we sat on the balcony in the sun listening to music. Cranked up the bbq again, then finished the day off by having tea at my nanas was a damn good tea with banana cake and ice cream to finish off hehe

To my outfit now. I wore this last week. I was being lazy and wanted to wear comfy thick socks so I put on my big thick pink socks, I was gonna take them off for the shoot but I couldnt be arsed so here they are in all their glory lol.

Socks - The Warehouse
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Shorts - Glassons
Tights - Farmers
T-shirt - Supre
Bangle - Cotton On

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Boy

Right its finally Friday! I shoudl really be in bed but thought I'd whip out a post as I wont be on till at least sunday! Its the boys bday today Happy Birthday baby xoxoxo hehe

We went round to his Grandads house for dinner with his family I am so full! Was nice though :) Had to work all day as usual which bites but gotta pay the bills somehow! I went swimming after work, im trying to do a few more laps each time - Im so unfit!

This outfit was from last week just a casualish look for after work :)

Jeans - Supre
Heels - Kumfs
Shirt - Jay Jays
Headband - Mums

So tomorrow im going to play paintball for the first time which will be interesting lol. Hope I dont come home with too many bruises!! Should be good fun though :) Then we are having a BBQ and drinks at ours cant wait! Gonne be a good day/night.

Dare I whinge about Trademe again? Im so pissed off though I am all of a sudden getting all these mentsl people - one lady postage nuestral feedback today saying i was a great trader and efficient BUT i got frustrated at her over 50c and its alot for a child to pay blah blah. um hello? How am I supposed to know it was a child? Its Trademe not a dating site! she shouldnt have hit buy now on my auction if she couldnt afford it! and i wont get into the 50c thing cos shes just being spastic i specified postage and its not my fault they didnt pay me properly, i offered to send it another way but guess she would rather give me another 50c to send by courier and post bad feedback. GAH. I actually was really proud of my 100% feedback and now its not and im quite gutted as you can tell - am I being retarded? God i must be a closet perfectionist lol. I just dont like being punished for other peoples mistakes/spasticness and especially when theres nothing I can do about it :(

Fuck it. Ima have an awesome weekend!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ive gone dotty!

Not really just my stockings hehe. Two more days to go till the weekend yay! Its gonna be busy from tomorrow on, im looking forward to it though nice to have stuff to do for once lol. I wanted a good week and to be honest its just ave, I mean nothing horribles happened but on the other hand nothing fantastic. Oh actually another chick placed feedback on me today on Trademe saying hi i never received these can you please do something about it kinda thinkg i was like WHAAAAAAAAAT are fucking kidding me? Who does that? The auction closed in July (and yes i sent the item) and she waits till today without bothering to email me and check i'd sent the item then BAM just places bad feedback. Stupid bitch. I'm so not happy, theres gotta be some way to stop mental people like that ruining your feedback!

Anyway to my outfit :

Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Stockings - Glassons
Shorts - Glassons
Top - Kmart
Blazer - Farmers

A few piccies for you today :)

Great shot of our recycle bin haha

I almost forgot I had these polka dot tights! Had to crank them out again.

Hope you are all having a great week so far x

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time for a good week!

Monday again. Time for a good week me thinks.....not starting off well so far though, I have the mad blister on my heel from god knows what, I got a dress in the mail from Trademe that she charged me $6.50 postage and sent it in a $4 bag AND its too small - measurements etc all wrong on her auction BITCH, then a chick emailed me that won one of my auctions and says she cant complete it now cos she got the same thing as a birthday gift WTF? Thats not my fault! I dunno if I should give her negative feedback or nuetral......Im so paranoid of keeping my 100% positive feedback lol. Ugh. Also a chick has paid me 50c less than what postage is.....I cant exactly ask for another 50c but its so not fair the fucking courier bag is $5.50 not $5!! So anyway lets start the week from tomorrow shall we? Its the boys birthday on Friday so we will be going out for tea then Saturday we are going to play paintball then a BBQ and pissup at ours! Gonna be a good weekend :)

I had to crank out this skirt again, its nice and comfy and adds a bit of colour to my outfit. Its come out really dark in the pics though unfortunately.

Heels - The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Skirt - Valley Girl
Top - Supre
Cardy - Glassons

Im getting so sick of winter can the weather start warming up now please? Im finiding it hard to think of different outfits lol

Heres to a good week for all! xxx

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Forgotten Outfit

Im pretty sure (I have posted the same outfit twice before) that I havent posted this outfit, I wore this out to teat with my family a few weeks ago. Good ol lace again hehe. My weekend hasnt been anything special, just a quiet one. Its the bf's bday next weekend so holding out for a big one then. Have sold a few more things on Trademe but waiting for the money to come in! Sooooo cant be bothered going to work tomorrow ugh. Hate Mondays!

Jeans - Supre
Black singlet - Supre
Lace top - Glassons
Heels  Hannahs
Earrings - a gift
Bangles/rings  Diva/equip

I found some cool suede wedge booty things in a beige colour that I think are super cute but their $130! I dont think I can justify that :( Still havent got anymore of the black wedges I want in at Cotton On, I really hope they get more in cos their affordable and exactly what I want!! I havent seen any similar anywhere else....fingers crossed!

Me and the boy went out to Kaiapoi for lunch today, I had the biggest shrimp cocktail hehe so good! I went to get petrol on the way back into town and i pushed 50 to get $50 worth but when I went to pay she said it was $95!!It filled my tank instead im so pissed off and she was so rude to me as well :(

Shit happens eh? Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

Friday, August 13, 2010

Its Friday!

Stoked its finally Friday! Not that I have any plans haha, but im looking forward to relaxing for a few days! I wore some flat lace up shoes to work the other day, walked to work and home, they were hurting my feet (im assuming cos their so thin there wasnt much support) and when I got home I had a look at my feet and i have a massive blister across each heel at the bottom!!! So bizarre and freaking painful :( Just goes to show you can get just as sore feet in flats if their not supportive or too thin etc. weird. anywho to my outfit:

I wanted to rock my white Blazer again, this time ive teamed it with some stripes :) Scuse the squished pic again grrrrr

Heels - Kumfs
Jeans - Jay Jays
Top - Cotton On
Blazer - Thrifted
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Ring - Diva

The bf has gone to play xbox with his mates AGAIN so I think I might watch The Hills online hehe


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ring Bling

Hump day has arrived! I am watching Bill and Teds Bogus Adventure and munching on lollies lol. The bf has gone to a mates to play xbox so im all alone.

My outfit for today (well the other day hehe) is super comfy :)

Boots - The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Skirt - Glassons
Belt - Dotti
Top - Shanton
Rings - Various

I like the big wing type effect this top has and I love the colour plus its so comfy! I havent thought to wear it with a skirt before but I think it looks cute :)

To my bling, im starting to collect chunky, funky rings. Im not a big jewllery fan but I can handle rings. I picked up the long silver one the other day, my newest edition hehe.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It doesnt look much in the pics unfortunately but its ultra comfy and I love the zip detail on this merino dress - nice and warm too! I went for the whole black and grey theme ;)

Dress - Glassons
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Cardy - Supre

Not much to say today except I sold heaps of stuff on Trademe yay money! I'm hanging out for Cotton On to ring me and tell me more wedges have come in......I want!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Keeping it Casual

I really am more of a casual girl, but I am enjoying dressing up more in cute outfits - a couple of years ago I wouldnt have had the guts to wear alot of the stuff I do now. Im trying to teach myself to not care what people think of my outfits.....its surprisingly hard sometimes as If I feel a little bit iffy I'll have to go change.

Monday is back ugh. The bf stayed home today as his asthma was really bad so I dragged my sorry ass to work, such a cold wet day too :( Im working 8 till 4 this month.....have to get up earlier but then I get home earlier after the gym. I received a few goodies in the mail today - finally got two pairs of shoes i bought off trademe only to find they dont fit :( I also got a cute dress which fits pretty well - I better not put on any weight though lol, and last but not least I got my new bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its all pretty and made up Im looking forward to snuggling in it tonight hehe.

Now to my outfit!:

Jeans - Jay Jays
Boots - The Warehouse
T-shirt - Kmart
Bangle - Cotton On
Earrings - cant remember

A close up - I love the rustic look of the buttons

I went into Cotton on to get the wedges I wanted - they were getting more in but nooooo my size was all gone again. I gave him my name and number and hopefully they get more in this week so I can get my hands on them! They actually have a few cool shoes in there that im wanting....


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Im getting a new bed!

Im having a great lazy sunday today, not even hungover yayness! Ive had an ok weekend, havent done a hell of alot but meh haha. The thing I am most excited about is that IM GETTING A NEW BED!!!!! Im so excited you have no idea, I know your like why is she getting so excited about a bed? But I have mad sleeping issues and I know its not going to get rid of them but I think it will certainly help! Im getting a kingsize pocket spring bed, so be more room for us and less of the roll together and annoying eachother with moving around :) Its getting delivered tomorrow :)

Now to the rest of my weekend we had some mates around saturday night and drank and watched the rugby. NZ v Aussie - we won yeeeyah! It was so funny we crammed like 12ish people into our tiny apartment lol. Good times! The girls then hit town up, ended up having to ring the bf to come pick us up at 4am as it was cold and raining, the clubs were closing and there was no taxis around! I ended up at a club called Bourbon street which plays heavy rock and metal kind of stuff....not normally my bag but it was fun! I think I fitted in with my facial piercing lol.

Now to my outfit: I really like this outfit of course it has lace so thats probably why hehe. I actually wore this outfit out last Saturday.

Tights - Farmers
Heels - Kumfs
Skirt - Valley Girl
Lace top - Jay Jays
White singlet - Supre
Belt - Pagani
Earrings - A gift
Bangles & Rings- Cotton On/Equip

Ive just been chilling and watching movies today, I was gonna bake but im missing one ingredient and I cant be bothered going to get it at the supermarket cos its cold and raining :( Totally looking forward to my dinner tonight - Chicken Pie yay!

Hope you all had a great weekend x

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blurry.......but new shoes!

Blurry pics today well two out of three! My camera is a bitch sometimes when I try time the shots myself grrr. Im totally not electronic so I have no idea how to fix it and I get frustrated and give up lol.

BUT I have new shoes so yay! I got these last weekend, they are quite high but they arent tooooo bad as they have a bit of a wedge at the front :) Plus they were $30 down from $100 so I couldnt say no! Ive put a pair of heels on Trademe to makeup for it lol.

Jeans - Supre
Red top - Valley Girl
Jacket - Glassons
Heels - Hannahs

Back view:

I was just so excited about buying these I threw them on with the outfit I was wearing when I got home but my bf wasnt there so blurry pics it is! I find that when I get new shoes I seem to wear them with every outfit for awhile so be prepared!

Close up:

So Friday has finally arrived. I had another horror sleep lastnight so im rather tired :( Bf's mate is having a party tonight but ugh I cant be bothered, def not going to drink anyway! Hopefully going to sort out definately a new bed tomorrow - im very much looking forward to it as im hoping it will help my sleeping!!

Also good news - Ive finally paid off my car loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so stoked with myself, im going to have an extra couple of hundred each pay to myself, although I will be saving a decent amount since I will be able to now :)

Hope you all have a great weekend x

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good news!

Well its not my good news but im still so stoked! My bf got a new job, the one he was wanting for some time and im just so happy for him! Hes been stuck in crappy paid jobs and now hes landed a well paid job than can progress further yay!! He totally deserves it :) Arent I soppy? hehe

ANywho we are going to go out for tea tomorrow night to celebrate and my parents and brother are also up so they will join us - possibly even my nana! Looking forward to it.

As you know I love me some lace, I decided to team it with my fishnets for a different look:

tights - Farmers
skirt - Jay Jays
wedges - Number 1 shoe warehouse
top - Glassons
Belt - Cotton On
necklace - $1 to $8 shop

Its kinda hard to see the fishnets in these pics grrr and scuse my sicks poking out my wedges lol

Right I have to go and make a grocery list!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why is sleep so hard?

I had the worst sleep lastnight....if you could call it that! Im so sick of having trouble sleeping it really bugger me :( I felt like a zombie all day, half asleep and just generally not with it lol. Enough moaning though I quite like this outfit, I got the 3/4 sleeve top recently and it makes a great finish to lots of outfit I love it!

Black jacket - Trendz
Belt - Dotti
Dress - Tempt
Tights - Farmers
heels - The Warehouse
Bangle - Cotton On

I dont have much to say today cos im so tired, im going to go to bed early and try catch up on some sleep!x

Monday, August 2, 2010

Feeling Grey

Na not really haha but I suck at thinking of cool titles :P Im such a nerd matching my cardy to my boots lol. Very comfy outfit though! Exscuse the sun in my eyes.

So today I stayed home from work sick. I slept in (ish) and then I cleaned the house a bit, did some washing. made myself some homemade hummus hehe, watched The Hills online, went to the gym later then made Louise cake and cooked dinner! Quite a domesticated day! Dont you just feel the need for an extra day off every now and again to get stuff done, or just to relax? I sure do!

Boots - Number one shoe warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Skirt - Glassons
Top - Cotton On
Cardy - Jay Jays
Belt - Dotti

Back to work tomorrow...sigh. Sometimes I wish I only worked part-time but I know I couldnt afford to. Ahhh well.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

More lace!

This is what I wore to go see Eclipse at the movies the other week :) Its been a pretty full one weekend I must say!! Bed shopping, shopping and visited a mate on saturday then went round to said mates later and hit the pizzle! Got my dance on in town then dragged my freaking sore feet home around 3.45am lol. Good night tho! Soooooooooooooooo freaking tired today tho :( Wish I could sleep in tomorrow damn work!

Once again the photo has been all squished grrrr.
Heels - Kumfs
Jeans - Jay Jays
Lace top - Tempt
Singlet - Supre
Necklace - $1 to $8 shop
Earrings - A gift

So needless to say my day today was spent not doing a hell of alot! Just chillaxing. I scored myself 2 new tops, a merino dress and a pair of heels yesterday all for $75 yay! Im such the bargain shopper hehe. I also found another paird of wedges that I want, I really hope the shop gets more in so I can go get them next weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend x