Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What power?

We were without power yesterday for 12 hours! So stressfull as we didnt know what was wrong, power company hadnt done it and couldnt see any faults and we couldnt get ahold of the Landlord. As you may know we are moving soon and we have been trying to get ahold of the Landlord for 4 days!! I think its ridiculous that we arent able to contact him - what are we supposed to do? We had to take our frozen food to a mates house so it didnt all defrost and we eventually got ahold of the Landlord (who didnt seem to graso the urgency of the situation) and got our power back on. Not ideal!! Not a good start to the week lol.

My outfit is just a comfy, casual one today as ya do!

Boots - The Warehouse
Jeans - Supre
Lace top - Jay Jays
Top - Mum
Blazer - Thrifted
Jewelery - Bling

Fark. I hate computers. It wont let me make the picture bigger and its come out all squished. Seriously! I uploaded it the same as the picture aboe and it comes out all munted I dont get it? Gah. Time for bed I think lol


  1. Technology is not my friend either.
    Argh, people are so useless sometimes! Hope the move goes smoothly & that your new landlord is better.

    P.s Have you thought about trying a dark wig to see if you like dark hair on you?

  2. Gah I feel so stupid sometimes eh all these fangdangles on the computer and I have no idea!

    Yeah I have worn a wig before and the bf likes dark hair but its such a different story when you actually do it!! I want to just do it but god im a wuss! and ive got such a lot of hair lol


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