Friday, August 6, 2010

Blurry.......but new shoes!

Blurry pics today well two out of three! My camera is a bitch sometimes when I try time the shots myself grrr. Im totally not electronic so I have no idea how to fix it and I get frustrated and give up lol.

BUT I have new shoes so yay! I got these last weekend, they are quite high but they arent tooooo bad as they have a bit of a wedge at the front :) Plus they were $30 down from $100 so I couldnt say no! Ive put a pair of heels on Trademe to makeup for it lol.

Jeans - Supre
Red top - Valley Girl
Jacket - Glassons
Heels - Hannahs

Back view:

I was just so excited about buying these I threw them on with the outfit I was wearing when I got home but my bf wasnt there so blurry pics it is! I find that when I get new shoes I seem to wear them with every outfit for awhile so be prepared!

Close up:

So Friday has finally arrived. I had another horror sleep lastnight so im rather tired :( Bf's mate is having a party tonight but ugh I cant be bothered, def not going to drink anyway! Hopefully going to sort out definately a new bed tomorrow - im very much looking forward to it as im hoping it will help my sleeping!!

Also good news - Ive finally paid off my car loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so stoked with myself, im going to have an extra couple of hundred each pay to myself, although I will be saving a decent amount since I will be able to now :)

Hope you all have a great weekend x

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