Saturday, August 21, 2010

Birthday Boy

Right its finally Friday! I shoudl really be in bed but thought I'd whip out a post as I wont be on till at least sunday! Its the boys bday today Happy Birthday baby xoxoxo hehe

We went round to his Grandads house for dinner with his family I am so full! Was nice though :) Had to work all day as usual which bites but gotta pay the bills somehow! I went swimming after work, im trying to do a few more laps each time - Im so unfit!

This outfit was from last week just a casualish look for after work :)

Jeans - Supre
Heels - Kumfs
Shirt - Jay Jays
Headband - Mums

So tomorrow im going to play paintball for the first time which will be interesting lol. Hope I dont come home with too many bruises!! Should be good fun though :) Then we are having a BBQ and drinks at ours cant wait! Gonne be a good day/night.

Dare I whinge about Trademe again? Im so pissed off though I am all of a sudden getting all these mentsl people - one lady postage nuestral feedback today saying i was a great trader and efficient BUT i got frustrated at her over 50c and its alot for a child to pay blah blah. um hello? How am I supposed to know it was a child? Its Trademe not a dating site! she shouldnt have hit buy now on my auction if she couldnt afford it! and i wont get into the 50c thing cos shes just being spastic i specified postage and its not my fault they didnt pay me properly, i offered to send it another way but guess she would rather give me another 50c to send by courier and post bad feedback. GAH. I actually was really proud of my 100% feedback and now its not and im quite gutted as you can tell - am I being retarded? God i must be a closet perfectionist lol. I just dont like being punished for other peoples mistakes/spasticness and especially when theres nothing I can do about it :(

Fuck it. Ima have an awesome weekend!!!


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