Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ive gone dotty!

Not really just my stockings hehe. Two more days to go till the weekend yay! Its gonna be busy from tomorrow on, im looking forward to it though nice to have stuff to do for once lol. I wanted a good week and to be honest its just ave, I mean nothing horribles happened but on the other hand nothing fantastic. Oh actually another chick placed feedback on me today on Trademe saying hi i never received these can you please do something about it kinda thinkg i was like WHAAAAAAAAAT are fucking kidding me? Who does that? The auction closed in July (and yes i sent the item) and she waits till today without bothering to email me and check i'd sent the item then BAM just places bad feedback. Stupid bitch. I'm so not happy, theres gotta be some way to stop mental people like that ruining your feedback!

Anyway to my outfit :

Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Stockings - Glassons
Shorts - Glassons
Top - Kmart
Blazer - Farmers

A few piccies for you today :)

Great shot of our recycle bin haha

I almost forgot I had these polka dot tights! Had to crank them out again.

Hope you are all having a great week so far x


  1. love the combination of shorts, tights & boots!

  2. That blazer is outstanding! Love the power shoulders.

    People are dicks sometimes! Apparently common sense isn't so common

  3. Thanks chickys! Ugh Im so gutted my trademe feedback isnt 100% now :( How lame am I?lol


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