Monday, August 16, 2010

Time for a good week!

Monday again. Time for a good week me thinks.....not starting off well so far though, I have the mad blister on my heel from god knows what, I got a dress in the mail from Trademe that she charged me $6.50 postage and sent it in a $4 bag AND its too small - measurements etc all wrong on her auction BITCH, then a chick emailed me that won one of my auctions and says she cant complete it now cos she got the same thing as a birthday gift WTF? Thats not my fault! I dunno if I should give her negative feedback or nuetral......Im so paranoid of keeping my 100% positive feedback lol. Ugh. Also a chick has paid me 50c less than what postage is.....I cant exactly ask for another 50c but its so not fair the fucking courier bag is $5.50 not $5!! So anyway lets start the week from tomorrow shall we? Its the boys birthday on Friday so we will be going out for tea then Saturday we are going to play paintball then a BBQ and pissup at ours! Gonna be a good weekend :)

I had to crank out this skirt again, its nice and comfy and adds a bit of colour to my outfit. Its come out really dark in the pics though unfortunately.

Heels - The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Skirt - Valley Girl
Top - Supre
Cardy - Glassons

Im getting so sick of winter can the weather start warming up now please? Im finiding it hard to think of different outfits lol

Heres to a good week for all! xxx

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