Monday, August 9, 2010

Keeping it Casual

I really am more of a casual girl, but I am enjoying dressing up more in cute outfits - a couple of years ago I wouldnt have had the guts to wear alot of the stuff I do now. Im trying to teach myself to not care what people think of my outfits.....its surprisingly hard sometimes as If I feel a little bit iffy I'll have to go change.

Monday is back ugh. The bf stayed home today as his asthma was really bad so I dragged my sorry ass to work, such a cold wet day too :( Im working 8 till 4 this month.....have to get up earlier but then I get home earlier after the gym. I received a few goodies in the mail today - finally got two pairs of shoes i bought off trademe only to find they dont fit :( I also got a cute dress which fits pretty well - I better not put on any weight though lol, and last but not least I got my new bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its all pretty and made up Im looking forward to snuggling in it tonight hehe.

Now to my outfit!:

Jeans - Jay Jays
Boots - The Warehouse
T-shirt - Kmart
Bangle - Cotton On
Earrings - cant remember

A close up - I love the rustic look of the buttons

I went into Cotton on to get the wedges I wanted - they were getting more in but nooooo my size was all gone again. I gave him my name and number and hopefully they get more in this week so I can get my hands on them! They actually have a few cool shoes in there that im wanting....



  1. Cotton On do have some awesome shoes in now, I brought 2 pairs of wedges from there a couple of weeks ago & lived in them ever since!
    Casual cool, cute top :)
    God I can't wait for spring!!!

  2. I know! Theres at least 3 pairs I want atm but im concentrating on getting the number one pair - they better get more in this week!! Thanks chick :) Oh for sure over the freaking cold eh!


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