Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why is sleep so hard?

I had the worst sleep lastnight....if you could call it that! Im so sick of having trouble sleeping it really bugger me :( I felt like a zombie all day, half asleep and just generally not with it lol. Enough moaning though I quite like this outfit, I got the 3/4 sleeve top recently and it makes a great finish to lots of outfit I love it!

Black jacket - Trendz
Belt - Dotti
Dress - Tempt
Tights - Farmers
heels - The Warehouse
Bangle - Cotton On

I dont have much to say today cos im so tired, im going to go to bed early and try catch up on some sleep!x


  1. Love this combination!
    Grey works really well with tan.
    Hope you sleep better tonight :)

  2. Thanks hun, unfortunately my sleep lastnight was freaking horrible :( Hopefully I can catch up with some sleep over the weekend! x


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