Sunday, August 8, 2010

Im getting a new bed!

Im having a great lazy sunday today, not even hungover yayness! Ive had an ok weekend, havent done a hell of alot but meh haha. The thing I am most excited about is that IM GETTING A NEW BED!!!!! Im so excited you have no idea, I know your like why is she getting so excited about a bed? But I have mad sleeping issues and I know its not going to get rid of them but I think it will certainly help! Im getting a kingsize pocket spring bed, so be more room for us and less of the roll together and annoying eachother with moving around :) Its getting delivered tomorrow :)

Now to the rest of my weekend we had some mates around saturday night and drank and watched the rugby. NZ v Aussie - we won yeeeyah! It was so funny we crammed like 12ish people into our tiny apartment lol. Good times! The girls then hit town up, ended up having to ring the bf to come pick us up at 4am as it was cold and raining, the clubs were closing and there was no taxis around! I ended up at a club called Bourbon street which plays heavy rock and metal kind of stuff....not normally my bag but it was fun! I think I fitted in with my facial piercing lol.

Now to my outfit: I really like this outfit of course it has lace so thats probably why hehe. I actually wore this outfit out last Saturday.

Tights - Farmers
Heels - Kumfs
Skirt - Valley Girl
Lace top - Jay Jays
White singlet - Supre
Belt - Pagani
Earrings - A gift
Bangles & Rings- Cotton On/Equip

Ive just been chilling and watching movies today, I was gonna bake but im missing one ingredient and I cant be bothered going to get it at the supermarket cos its cold and raining :( Totally looking forward to my dinner tonight - Chicken Pie yay!

Hope you all had a great weekend x

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