Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pink socks!

Great weekend! Dinner Friday night then Saturday I went paintballing for the first time, its a good workout lol. I managed to shoot a couple of people, I wanted to shoot more but I ran out of bullets :( I now have 3 welts/bruises up my leg lol. Was good fun though! After we had a bbq and drinks out our place, played some drinking games, watched some movies the usual! Down side was our mates car was parked down the drive outside our garage and some fuckers tried to break into it! We were all still up drinking and shit - the cheek of them! They set his alarm off so he went downstairs and found the door open and ignition tampered with. No sign of the person though, I cant believe someone would be so brazen as to do that when we were clearly still up!! They must be fast runners too! Really unnerves you :(

Other than that it was a good night. Not even a slight hangover this morning which Im stoked about, such a nice day today we sat on the balcony in the sun listening to music. Cranked up the bbq again, then finished the day off by having tea at my nanas was a damn good tea with banana cake and ice cream to finish off hehe

To my outfit now. I wore this last week. I was being lazy and wanted to wear comfy thick socks so I put on my big thick pink socks, I was gonna take them off for the shoot but I couldnt be arsed so here they are in all their glory lol.

Socks - The Warehouse
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Shorts - Glassons
Tights - Farmers
T-shirt - Supre
Bangle - Cotton On

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx


  1. I love paintballing! Last time I went I got shot in the throat through.. not so fun.

    Loving your side braid :)

  2. ouch that sounds painfull! Yeah its fun aside from the pain lol. Thanks chicky x

  3. Those shorts are amazing! Just found your blog!

  4. Aww thanks so much chicky, they are soooo comfy :)


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