Thursday, August 26, 2010

I love wedges!!

I had a random day off work today in the middle of the week. I hit the gym then went to visit my friend and her cute wee bubba, then I set about getting down to some serious shopping!! Theres a few things I have been wanting lately so I was on the prowl. I find that I cant bring myself to buy anything unless its really cheap or on sale - lucky for me I found me some damn good bargains today! Put it this way - i bought 3 pairs of shoes for $100 and their total normal price was $225 - score! The ankle wedges I have been on a waiting list for still havent come in but I decided to get a pair in a different colour - if I cant have the black I'll at least have another colour! I also found me some cute as brown wedges and another pair of flat black boots which were on my wish list. I have been searching for a black maxi dress to which I found yay! Cant wait for the weather to get warmer so i can wear it :) I will wear my new stuff over the next week or so so you can all see my new bargains hehe.

I have been finding very cute wedges lately and I LOVE wedges - I found these awesome wedges in Cotton On last week and I wore them to dinner with my bfs family. I should have got a side on pic so you can see them fully - they are gorg! I think this top is so cute with the polka dots/lace detail - and the cute wee bow at the back!

Wedges - Cotton On
Tights - Farmers
Skirt - Supre
Top/jumpsuit thing - Valley Girl
Belt - Cant remember

Back detailing:

One more day of work then its the weekend yay! I think its gonna feel like a long weekend since Ive had today off awesome! My poor friend has broken up with her bf so im trying to keep her spirits up and spend time with her at the mo :) Boys are stupid! except mine ;) hehe


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  1. TGI Friday!
    Cotton On are doing some great shoes at the moment...must pop back in for another look sometime soon.
    Hope your friend is ok xo


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