Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Forgotten Outfit

Im pretty sure (I have posted the same outfit twice before) that I havent posted this outfit, I wore this out to teat with my family a few weeks ago. Good ol lace again hehe. My weekend hasnt been anything special, just a quiet one. Its the bf's bday next weekend so holding out for a big one then. Have sold a few more things on Trademe but waiting for the money to come in! Sooooo cant be bothered going to work tomorrow ugh. Hate Mondays!

Jeans - Supre
Black singlet - Supre
Lace top - Glassons
Heels  Hannahs
Earrings - a gift
Bangles/rings  Diva/equip

I found some cool suede wedge booty things in a beige colour that I think are super cute but their $130! I dont think I can justify that :( Still havent got anymore of the black wedges I want in at Cotton On, I really hope they get more in cos their affordable and exactly what I want!! I havent seen any similar anywhere else....fingers crossed!

Me and the boy went out to Kaiapoi for lunch today, I had the biggest shrimp cocktail hehe so good! I went to get petrol on the way back into town and i pushed 50 to get $50 worth but when I went to pay she said it was $95!!It filled my tank instead im so pissed off and she was so rude to me as well :(

Shit happens eh? Hope you all had a great weekend xxx

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