Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lace, wedges, polka dots and suspenders ;)

Another weekend over :( We've been trying since Friday to get ahold of our landlord to tell him we are moving out but he is not replying to any of our phone calles or messages! Im not quite sure what to do :(

On another note though, I had a nice night in lastnight. We got some munchie food and dvds and had a few mates round we watched Date Night and Kick Ass. Both were good but I preferred Date Night. Its always good when theres a few decent DVds out I hate when u cant find one that you wanna see and end up getting some random crap movie!

My outfit for today (well last week haha) is pretty out there lol I was doning a bit of experimenting with my new wedges. Ive seen a few other bloggers with knee high socks over lace tights and I wanted to tyr it.

Please exscuse the squished photo!

Wedges - Cotton On
Stockings - Farmers
Socks - The warehouse
Skirt - Valley Girl - missing a button :(
Top - Cotton On

hehe cheesy! I also picked up a few new accessories up on sake the other day - love my cute bow headband!

Yay a side on view of my new wedges! Love them so much.

Close up of my new accessories - isnt the ring so cute?!

All accessories from Bling.

Hope you all had a great weekend xxx


  1. I love this look, the socks look great over your tights.
    Yay for the new wedges!


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