Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink and Red

Hi Lovelies, how are we? Only two more days till my 4 day weekend starts eeeee so excited! I treated myself today to some Converse All Stars. Ive been wanting some for ages so finally bit the bullet and bought them. Will be rocking them this weekend while we adventure around the West Coast me thinks.

Also totally forgot to mention the house we were looking at we did get, the lease starts exactly when our ends so Im hoping it was meant to be! The house is great, the only downsides I can see are the driveway is shared with 3 houses (including ours) and apparently a couple of the neighbours are noisy....Im hoping it wont be noisy enough to keep me awake at night - fingers crossed! We move in March 3rd :)

I picked these cute as heels up recently for a bargain. Styled them up with my $3 Trademe dress - all up a very cheap outfit indeed! I like how the pink clashes with my red hair too :)

Fress - Trademe, Heels - Warehouse

Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx

Monday, January 30, 2012

Comfy Casual

Hello hello, another week gone by and hello Monday! Not too bad for a Monday today, work was quiet but still went quite fast luckily! I hit the gym for a Xfit class and just chillaxing, Im looking forward to the weekend - 4 day weekend for me hells yeah! hehe

Bit of a change from yesterdays outfit - the weather has been spastic this summer, cold one day, hot as the next, rather annoying!

Shorts - Cotton On, Top - Supre, Flats - Warehouse

Hope you all had a fab weekend, what did you get up to?

Happy Monday Lovelies xxx

P.S. I changed the background and title of my log around a bit, you like?

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Soooo time to hit the rewind button. Ya'll know Im super behind on my outfit pics because of the stupid earthquake last year (serial its been nearly a year and Im still trying to catch up!) BUT I managed somehow to skip a whole month! WTF man? Anywho after Novembers outfits I skipped straight to January....I was wondering why my red hair was fading so fast, I mean it faded fast but not THAT fast geeez. I must be getting old.

So my lovelies feast your eyes on an outfit I wore near the start of December, quite liking it in fact. Obviously it was not a particularly warm December day as if it was today I would have melted and died.

Shirt - Trademe, Jersey - ?, Heels - Warehouse, Pants - Valley Girl, Sunnies - Glassons

So there you have it, arent polka dots awesome? and yay for bright red hair, its nearly all gone now. I was sorting out a box of stuff (crap) today and I found a blue fudge paintbox hair colour.....so maybe thats next up.....we shall see!

Happy weekend lovelies xxx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Black and White

Hello Lovelies, a classic black and white outfit for you today! I kind of ruined the classic look with pigtails but meh haha. I loved using the belt off a pair of shorts for a funky pussy bow tie look :)

So looking forward to bed tonight, it was so windy lastnight that it was vibrating something right outside our bedroom so loudly we could not sleep.....it was freaking horrible I feel like a half-dead zombie :( Thank god its Friday!

Skirt, Blouse & Sunnies - Glassons, Tie off a pair of shorts from Cotton On

Happy Friday loves, hope you have a fab weekend xxx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All dressed up with nowhere to go!

Hi my lovelies, so if you follow me on Twitter you would know that lastnight the boy and I decided to take the long way home from dropping a DVD back and we snuck up the drive of our new house to be to see how loud the neighbours were....the previous tenant told me there is one house that plays loud music once or twice a week and the house in front of us has a sleepout which is literally a few metres away from the bedrooms in the house with no fence in between and the old man that sleeps there must be deaf or something as he listens to the TV rather loudly! It wasnt as loud as I was expecting but I'd say you would still be able to hear it when in bed....we will just have to see how we go I guess as we need to take this house because everything else with it is great and it is available exactly when our lease ends. So fingers crossed the noise stops or we cant hear it when we move in!

The other weekend a few mates were coming around for a few drinks and I decided to get dressed up.....we werent planning on going anywhere and theres not alot of places to go out to after the earthquakes owned our city centre, but I just felt like dressing up! Ya know how it gets ;) Plus I had to make an exscuse to wear my newest JC's! 

Heels - Jeffrey Campbell, Dress - Glassons, Belt - Off another dress,

Happy Wednesday Lovelies xxx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nearly that time again

Hey Lovelies, well its nearly been a year since the Christchurch earthquake forced us to move out of our home and into one that wouldnt collapse and kill us when another aftershock hit! Can you believe we have been through nearly 10,000 aftershocks? Freaking insane. Anywho our lease is up in just over a month and we started looking for a new place as our flattie is moving out and we cant afford this place with just the two of us. We got offered a house yesterday which is available the exact day our lease ends - I thought it muct be meant to be! BUT I am a tad worried as I hadnt seen it and we went to check it out lastnight and I spoke with the current tenant who told me that a couple of the neighbours were noise and often kept her up.....I am a really light/bad sleeper so Im quite worried about that....unfortunately I dont think there is anything we can do as it is still really hard to find a house in Christchurch and this does fit the bill except for the noisy neighbours (and a shared driveway but lets not get into that haha) basically I'm just ranting and worrying about something that may or may not affect me but geeez ya gotta be able to sleep to live ya know! Ugh.

Enough of that to my outfit! I picked this cute as top off fellow Blogger Julia from Porcelain Complexion when I got the orange dress (posted a few days ago) I couldnt resist it with the glasses on since I wear them everyday and the chains on it add something extra - isnt it cute?! 

 Top - Secondhand, Socks - Gift from Mummy, Wedges - Number 1 Shoes, Skirt - Trademe

 Can you see how fast the red has faded in my hair? Its crazy! It has faded into a pinky kind of colour now, wish it would bugger off completely so I can get onto the next colour.....

Happy Tuesday Loves! xxx