Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally some Red!

Hey hey Lovelies, how are we all? Finally I have reached the red hair shots yay! I didnt realise how behind I was my god! Anywho after I got my hair done it was dark so we had to settle for indoor pics - the red is much brighter in daylight.....I shall prove that with tomorrows post ;) I decided to get a bit of colour on the side and my fringe to rather than just underneath.

Im already thinking about what to get next.....Im thinking turqouise but I will have to see, I want to do at least one more colour during the warmer months then I might give my hair a rest over winter.

Jeans - JayJays, Blazer - Glassons, Blouse - Tempt, Heels - Cotton On

Well thats all for today folks, Im looking forward to the weekend! Thank you all for your lovely comments too, I always try my best to reply on here or eeeeeeeek aftershock, sorry gave me a fright! anywho yes, comments, I try my best to reply on here or on your blog :)

Happy Thursday lovelies! xxx


  1. Sarah the red looks great, I love it through your fringe too.
    It was a reasonable shake, god I hope they stop soon!
    Good guess by the way ha ha I do indeed.
    Coffee sounds great too, maybe we could go on an op-shopping adventure sometime? I have Sun / Mons off if that would work?

    P.s I've been trying to comment on youe last post but it wouldn't work - I LOVE those shoes!!!!! Wonder if they still have them...

  2. I LOVE this outfit!! You look so cute!! :) experienced my first chch earthquake with the 4.6 before - fun times. Handbag packed and by the door just incase! :)


  3. I love these colors on you, and those heels are fab!

  4. Awww hope you didnt panic too much KC, I just got a fright,it wasnt an overly big one (compared to others!). Hope you have a fab time while your here! xx Thanks Jackie and Julia xx


I love hearing from you and I always try my best to reply to your lovely comments on here or your blog xx