Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year lovelies, I hope you all had a fab New Years whatever you were doing. I had a great few days away with some good mates, so good to get out of Christchurch and chill out. We camped at Lake Ruataniwha, just outside of Twizel which is about 3.5 hours from Christchurch heading towards Queenstown (I pretty much assume everyone has heard of Queenstown since its such a bit tourist destination!) anywho we camped for three nights, I took about 200 pictures but Ive managed to find a few goodies for ya so you can get an idea of what we got up to!

The "bar" - by no means all the booze we had haha

Jumping into the river in Twizel

Me and my girl Carrie

Drinks on! Drinking games ends up with clothes swapping hehe

Me and Chloe

The booze boat!

James and I

Glow stick earrings for the win!

Sun bathing at the river

Chloe, me, James and Carrie

So there you have it a few pictures of what I got up to this New Years, these are the tame ones haha. Now I need to catch up on all the blogs I read and get caught up with my outfit pictures - Im still churning out ones from before I put the red in my hair! I must work on some resolutions too....2011 was a pretty shithouse year all up to be honest so Im looking forward to a better year in 2012!

Happy 2012 my sweets! xxx


  1. OMG, this looks like so much fun and I love your little car bar. hehe, it's so creative for an outdoor trip.


  2. Thanks Dale, it was super fun - bring on New Years 2012!

  3. Happy new year lovely!!! Looks like a LOT of fun! We went away in the Wairarapa last year in a couple of old (VERY OLD) cottages - looks like a similar vibe! Glad you had good weather cos I heard Welly was a wash out!

    Sadie xx

  4. Woohoooo looks like so much fun! Glow stick earrings should be worn all the time. Hope you have a great year this year :)


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