Saturday, January 28, 2012


Soooo time to hit the rewind button. Ya'll know Im super behind on my outfit pics because of the stupid earthquake last year (serial its been nearly a year and Im still trying to catch up!) BUT I managed somehow to skip a whole month! WTF man? Anywho after Novembers outfits I skipped straight to January....I was wondering why my red hair was fading so fast, I mean it faded fast but not THAT fast geeez. I must be getting old.

So my lovelies feast your eyes on an outfit I wore near the start of December, quite liking it in fact. Obviously it was not a particularly warm December day as if it was today I would have melted and died.

Shirt - Trademe, Jersey - ?, Heels - Warehouse, Pants - Valley Girl, Sunnies - Glassons

So there you have it, arent polka dots awesome? and yay for bright red hair, its nearly all gone now. I was sorting out a box of stuff (crap) today and I found a blue fudge paintbox hair maybe thats next up.....we shall see!

Happy weekend lovelies xxx


  1. YAY blue hair. That sounds like an excellent idea! I love the pussybow thingy on your shirt, makes it super cuuute. Yay polka dots :)

    1. Thanks Kirsten!Im kinda scared that blue will go a rank green colour bt we shall see :) xx

  2. Oooh, I love this look!
    I love the polka dots and the leather pants especially <3

  3. i love the polka dot.....u look cute..kip in touch and follow my blog,i will follow right back.u got a gud taste for fashion.....xoxo

  4. Sarah that blouse is gorgeous & I love how you've layered it <3
    I can't believe it's almost Feb again. Crazy stuff

  5. LOVE your kitten heels!! Stupid earthquake getting in the way of important things like outfits :) Hehe.


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