Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pink and Red

Hi Lovelies, how are we? Only two more days till my 4 day weekend starts eeeee so excited! I treated myself today to some Converse All Stars. Ive been wanting some for ages so finally bit the bullet and bought them. Will be rocking them this weekend while we adventure around the West Coast me thinks.

Also totally forgot to mention the house we were looking at we did get, the lease starts exactly when our ends so Im hoping it was meant to be! The house is great, the only downsides I can see are the driveway is shared with 3 houses (including ours) and apparently a couple of the neighbours are noisy....Im hoping it wont be noisy enough to keep me awake at night - fingers crossed! We move in March 3rd :)

I picked these cute as heels up recently for a bargain. Styled them up with my $3 Trademe dress - all up a very cheap outfit indeed! I like how the pink clashes with my red hair too :)

Fress - Trademe, Heels - Warehouse

Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx


  1. Oooo cute dress!! :D love bargin outfits. I got a dress from recycle boutique for $4.50 the other day - new favourite! :D



  2. $3 - bargain!!

    Congrats on the house, what part of town is it in?

    1. Love me a bargain! Thanks hun, its not far from where we are now in Middleton off Lincoln Rd :)

  3. Pretty dress! Did you change the background of your blog? I like the greeniness of it. Also YAY to Converse, I have a purple pair and a Batman pair (ohh yeah, I'm cool) but I need moooooore I say!

    1. Hai! Yay Converse - you totes should get more :) and yes I changed my backgroudn to something a bit brighter, glad you like xx

  4. Love the pink dress, you look teeny weeny in it!! And I also love the pink and red / pink and orange clashing trend that seems to be everywhere. You move 2 days after my bday!! :)

    Sadie xx


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