Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Pink & Red

Hello Lovelies, let it be known I am normally a very organised person, but, this here proves how far behind I am in my posts - this is what I wore on Christmas day! More Pink and red = me likey.

Only one more day of work then my love and I are off on a road trip adventure - cant wait!!

Wedges - Kmart, Dress - Australia, Sunnies - Glassons

Christmas day was a gorgeous day as you can see, however the weather today was wack, humid then now its cold and dreary...sort your shit out Mother Nature!

Anywho I better get back to my TV and the Big Bang Theory marathon hehe Happy Hump day lovelies! xxx


  1. Great dress, love the colour blocking!
    The nude wedges are nice too <3

    Today was depressing, it started out so nice then by the time work finished it was crap :(
    It's going to be a LONG winter if we don't get some decent weather soon!

    1. Thanks hun! I know, I really hope there is a late blast of Summer otherwise it will feel like winter for a big chunk of the year :(

  2. Whoa, amazing dress! Love the color blocking going on :)
    And your wedges are amazing <3

    Ugh, I think something is up with everyone's's just bipolar here. Windy, rainy, sunny, snowy. All in one week.

  3. Thank you chicky :) Not ideal is it, the weather seems mental everywhere! x

  4. Hey babe... Thanks for the inspiration ;)
    BTW, I make the black chain glove you saw recently on Lucy and The Runaways :)

    luv Morgan xx

  5. Love the dress :) and the shoes are gorgeous xx


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