Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pleated Mullet

Hi Lovelies, counting down - only 3 more sleeps until we move into our new place! Im going to use moving as a great opportunity to de-clutter and get rid of stuff we dont need/use. Not sure what Its going to be like on here in terms of posts from now on....we've been told the internet wont get coverage at the new place (even though its not even a 5 minute drive from our current house) and Im not sure how long it will take to get internet with another company after we move in so hold tight people I will get on here when I can - hopefully tomorrow but from then on no idea. In the mean time feast your eyes on this pleated mullet dress I got when I was in Australia, it was like $20 and I love electric blue so I couldnt say no!

Dress - Aussie, Heels - Hannahs, Necklace - Gif from Mum

Black bracelet - Cotton On, Watch Maxum, Rings & silver bracelets -Various
Inside shots because as usual its windy as a mofo, what are we Wellington?haha

Happy hump day Lovelies xxx 


  1. Pretty pretty!! :) I LOVE that colour :) good luck with the move! :)


  2. I hope your internet gets sorted! I'd never survive without it! Good luck with the move :) also that is an awesome dress, I think I quite like the whole "mullet" look haha :)

  3. Thanks ladies, hoping all goes well, be nice if it stops raining too haha xx

  4. Yes - take our wind please!!!!!! Hahaha. Not long till the big move - exciting!! Good luck with it all. And I love the name 'mullet' dress! haha

    Sadie xx

    1. Noooo keep your wind!! Eeeek nearly D-day so much to do, cant wait for Sat night so I can have a few drinks and chill hehe xx

  5. That is such a great colour on you!
    I love the style too, it's fun.

    Good luck with the move xo

  6. This dress looks rad on you. I love this trend



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