Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hi Lovelies! Hope you all had a fab weekend. I was lucky enough to have a three day weekend. James and I flew up to Auckland on Thursday night, we spent Friday shopping, eating and Mum even shouted me a Facial! We dropped James off at the Seether concert then I hung out with the family and had a few drinkies, Saturday we shopped a bit more and chilled out with my family - my brother took James paintballing which he really enjoyed. We had a yummy BBQ for tea before going to the airport and flying back to Christchurch. Our mates picked us up at 10.30 then we quickly dropped our bags home and hit the piss at a mates haha today we went out to Ruapuna to watch my friends Dad race his motorbike.....only unpacked late this afternoon! Now time to chill and catch up on some blogs :) Good weekend I say!

Heres some snippets of my weekend:

New Glasses

Mum and Dads dog, Boris - hes getting old hes 17!

Yummy nibbles - with my brothers hand going for it haha

A refreshing drink

James (mid chew haha) playing with my brothers paintball gun

James, Dad and Boris BBQ'ing

Happy Sunday lovelies xxx 


  1. Oooh looks fun! I haven't listened to Seether since I was like 15 haha. And I think I only bought that one album that Amy Lee from Evanescence was on. I like your new glasses :)

  2. Yeah hes pretty into his rock me? Meh haha. Thanks lovely xx


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