Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peter Pan

Collars of course :P Love them! Back into the outfit pictures, kinda nearly maybe sorta getting caught upish haha. I like the mix of girly with the edgy boots in this outfit :)

One more sleep (and day of work) then the bf and I are off again! This time on a jet plane up to Auckland. James is going to see Seether, some eating and shopping in the mix and of course catching up with my family, cant wait!

Wedges - Number 1 Shoes, Top - Tempt, Belt - Xmas pressie from Mum, Dress (worn as a skirt) - Trademe

Its crazy to think in less than a month I will be taking outfit shots in a new location. I hate the actualy moving but I am looking forward to a place for just me and James and a single story house too - much more stability in these aftershocks!

Happy Hump day lovelies xxx


  1. Those wedges are from number 1?! Bargain.
    Such a cute blouse <3

    I hate moving too :(
    My landlord rang today, if we stay where we are we have to sign for a whole year again & he's raising the rent $20 per week if we stay...I think $260 for a 60m2 hovel with extensive quake damage is bad enough but $280?? Really.

    Whoops! Sorry. Rant over xo

  2. Very cute outfit! :) love the collar on that blouse :) argh moving sucks!! But it's always nice having a change of scenery :)


    1. Thanks KC! Yeah I know only a few painful hours then new place yay! xx

  3. yes me too..loving the collars right cute yeah!!
    Anyways liked ur blog..if u like visit my blog and may we cud follow each other.

  4. Ooh cute outfit! I love collared things. Is the collar part of the white dress? Anyway I hope the moving process goes smoothly for you!

  5. Great blog, you're so stylish!! I really loved yous shoes :)

    BESOS !!

  6. Love this look - the collar is very cute. and so jealous you are going to Akl!! I looove going to Akl for the weekend, it feels such a 'big city' after Welly! ahha

    Sadie xx

  7. Like your outfit and LOVE your hair :)
    -->Take a look at my blog<-- i will be grateful :)

  8. Very cute outfit!
    I adore your hair, I wish I had the guts to dye it like that :D

    1. Thanks chicky! It took me awhile to get the guts too haha x


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