Tuesday, February 7, 2012

West Coast Part 2

Continuing on from yesterdays Part 1, after we had got ready we snapped a quick few outfit pics before heading out for tea....lets just say Greymouth isnt a particularly busy town....we were the only two people dining in the restaurant we went to! Least the meals came quickly haha. The black skirt below is one of my Asos purchases, Im not sure I like it to be honest.....some things just look better on the models!

Anyways after dinner we wandered to find another place to have dessert only to be told all the kitchens had closed, James ended up getting us some Trumpets from the petrol station - classy! The next day we checked out and went for a big feed for breaky, had a wander around the shops then headed on our way further up the coast to Punakaiki. We had a look around the famous pancake rocks - stunning scenery!

Heels - Cotton On, Skirt - Asos, Top - Valley Girl, Bracelet - Shop in Hokitika

Stunning scenery on the way to Punakaiki

The Coast

Moi with some pancake rocks behind

Converse All Stars - Street Legal, Shorts - Cotton On, Top - JayJays

More pancake rocks

Couldnt resist a pose on some pancake rocks hehe

Gorgeous Views!

This little bugger was very noisy, I spotted him up a tree


Blow hole

Ummmm YUM! Im obsessed with anything caramel

                                                   James enjoying his chips and gravy

After a look around the pancake rocks and some lunch we headed off home where we chilled for a bit before hosting some drinks at ours. Sunday was spent chilling, watching movies and bowling with some friends, yesterday was spent sorting through stuff at home so we dont take too much junk with us when we move, chilling and house work. Back to work today draaaaaaaaaag, but only two more days of work and I have another long weekend YAY!

Happy Tuesday lovelies xxx


  1. Whoa that caramel slice looks amazing!! Great photos from the coast! :) I really need to do some road-tripping this year!



    1. I know right? mmmmm Caramel hehe. Im looking forward to another trip asap - hopefully! xx

  2. YUMMMM caramel! These are pretty photos. I want to visit New Zealand one day! Mainly just for Lord of the Rings related stuff haha.

    1. You so should visit NZ - you best come to Christchurch if you do! xx

  3. OMG! love that skirt a lot :) I'm following

    Check my blog and follow me if you like :)



    1. Thank you! Glad you like :) Your blog didnt seem to want to load on my computer, will check it out when I can xx

  4. what beautiful pictures! i love your varying outfits...sexy and sporty, and both so amazingly cute on you!

  5. The place looks relaxing and even though the restaurant was empty you looked hot in that high slit skirt, own it lady.


  6. wow, i have always wanted to to to NZ, it looks so beautiful.


    1. It sure is, you should def visit xx


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