Saturday, February 18, 2012

Peplums, Friends, New stuffs and a sneak peek!

Hello lovely people, its a lovely warm sunny day here which just puts me in a fab mood. I've got my mp3 player cranking and Im hitting the housework. I nipped out this morning and got me a bunch of stuff from the Warehouse - peep my pic below, some bargains!
 I got my hair did lastnight, finally got my regrowth all sorted and tested out my next colour - this colour has the potential to not work due to the many different shades of blonde there is out there but it appears to have worked out fine so peep my sneak peek below! After my hair I caught up with my good friend Carrie, this is rather convenient as she is in the below pic with me, we went out on the town just before Christmas and I wore another dress which I got in Aussie.

My girl Carrie and me

Dress & Belt - Aussie, Heels - Jeffrey Campbell


Cheeeeeese haha

My haul - a rice maker, 3 pack of undies, two tops, a dress & two book shelves all for under $100!

  Sneak peek - A horrible self taken pic lastnight as the bf is away for the weekend :( You get the picture though!

Hope you all have a fab weekend, house work is calling me (then Im totally having a Bourbon in the sun!)
Happy Saturday Lovelies xxx


  1. Oh wow, you look stunning! Absolutely love that dress and the belt you paired it with. Gorgeous shoes too <3

  2. Looking good Girly!! Love the dress it's really cute! :)


  3. You hair looks gorgeous & I love that dress - great colour & I really like the pepulum.

    Buying a rice cooker was some of the best money I've ever spent.

  4. OOh you're going blue?!?!?! Awesome! And I love your peplum dress, I have a peplum i brought over from Wales when I moved here 3 yrs ago so i was pleased when I saw they were coming back again, haha!

    Sadie xx

    1. Thanks hun - hopefully it all turns out ok :) Sweet, looking forward to seeing your peplum dress xx


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