Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pleats and Fish nets

Hai Lovelies, how is your week going so far? The next few weeks for me are going to be filled with packing, cleaning and moving yay! Not. But I am excited to set up our new place and suss out where I will take my new outfit pictures :)

I quite enjoyed wearing this outfit, I love this sheer green shirt except it has started falling apart :( So not happy. I'll wear for as long as I can though - gotta get my moeys worth haha

Heels - Hannahs, Skirt - Warehouse, Shirt  Tempt, Fishnets - Cant remember whooops

Watch - Maxum

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the deadly quake that killed 185 here in Christchurch. We will be watching the memorial service at work, hopefully I dont get too emotional! I will be wearing red and black as a mark of respect - hope at least my readers in New Zealand can do the same!

Happy Tuesday xxx


  1. I can't believe it's been a year. Are you going to watch "When a city falls" tomorrow? I've heard it's pretty emotional...

    That's annoying your shirt is dying, it's a great colour on you!

    Good luck with the packing / moving. We'll have to do that soon too. I HATE moving!

    1. I know as shitter year as it has been it has gone fast! We have a bit of time off work from 12-1.30 so will watch whatever is on then lol.
      I know right? So not cool and its such delicate material I cant fix it :( Thanks hun, I hate moving too UGH, good luck for house hunting! xx

    2. Thinking of you all in ChCh today lovely, hope the memorial service went well. Can't believe it's a year already :s

      And I can't believe your shirt is falling apart! How rude! Defo get as much wear as you can from it, it's a gorge colour!

      Sadie xx

    3. Thanks hun, the memorial was pretty sad, I was fighting back tears:(

      I know! So annoyed, hopefully I can find another similar.


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