Monday, February 6, 2012

West Coast Part 1

Hi Lovelies, did you miss me? Its been nice to unplug for a few days and chill :) Its a long weekend here in NZ this weekend just been so I took Friday off too to make it a four day weekend. The bf has never been to the West Coast of the South Island (we live on the east coast) so off on a road trip it was!!! I have heaps of pictures so Ive tried to narrow it down but beware picture heavy post!

We left Friday morning and made our way towards the West Coast - first stop Arthurs Pass. We stopped off and went for a wee walk, beautiful scenery. I found a random stone house thing and decided we must take pictures there - I also of course HAD to pose in the random round window haha. We then drove to Hokitika and had some lunch and a milkshake, popped into the shops and checked out the beach. We then drove to Greymouth and stopped off at Shantytown - a cool historic village. It was interesting seeing what people did back in the late 1800's/early 1900's in NZ.....more below

I can fit!

Spot the waterfall?

My new Converse All Stars - Street Legal, Shorts - JayJays, Shirt - Dotti, Cardy - Supre, Jacket - Kmart, Necklace - Trendz

Cool bridge we drove through


Milkshake! Cute Kiwi no?

Cute bird that whistled!


Weka - Native NZ bird, very inquisitive there were lots of them wandering around

Train ride at Shantytown

Long drop!hehe

Ahhhh ball and chain!

Old school dentists chair

Pouring a beer

Pouring a cider!


After Shantytown we checked into our Hotel in Greymouth then headed to the Monteiths Brewery for a tour and tasting. We tried 6 beers and one cider and met some lovely folk. After that we headed back to the Hotel to get ready for some food! I'll be back tomorrow with more of our adventures :)

Happy Monday and Happy Waitangi Day to my fellow NZ'ers xxx


  1. Fun!! :) I haven't been over that way since I was maybe 12 or 14. Must go back there sometime soon! :) PS: Your day trip outfit rocks. Seriously. :D


    1. Same here, was good to have a look around again :) Thanks Kc! xx

  2. Haha cool photos. I love what you were wearing! I must whip out the ol' Converse sometime. Mmmmmmm...cider. Also I see you have the reply thing working now! Hurray!

    1. For shizzle Im sure I'll be wearing them heaaaaps :) Yes, it started working the other week yay! xx

  3. LOVE the shirt / necklace combo <3

    Sounds like fun, I haven't been over to the West Coast since school camp..


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