Sunday, January 8, 2012


Oh Hai my sweets, how is your weekend going? This week has gone much too fast for my liking as Im back to work tomorrow waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Friday we just chilled at home and watched DVD's, Saturday I went shopping with a mate I havent seen for awhile then we headed out for dinner and drinks for a mates birthday, we ended up at Dennys having Hot fudge cake at 11.30pm haha. Today the boy and I went for a drive out to Sumner (a beach in Christchurch) for some lunch. Neither if us have been out that was since before the earthquakes in February last year so it was interesting, it was a very bumpy ride and a bit hairy at times as all tere is between the cliffs of rocks and us on the road is some shopping containers eeeek luckily there were no aftershocks while we were over that way!

Jeans - Supre, Boots - Number 1 Shoes, Shirt - Valley Girl, Necklace - Gift from Mum

If you pay attention to my outfits I wore this shirt with some light coloured jeans lately BUT these jeans are ripped and last time I wore a different necklace and flats not boots = similar but different hehe.

Happy Sunday everyone! xxx

P.S. wish me luck for getting up early and going to work for the first time in two weeks eeeeek


  1. I don't wanna go back either!! :'( Argh I hate the end of the holidays. I don't think I'll have time for a catch up, by the sound of it it will be all hands on deck to get the reception all set up for the first couple of days and then I expect to be hungover/tired on the Sunday heh. Plus the 7 hour drive home again :p yuck!!


  2. I'm so jealous that you had 2 weeks off!
    It must have been beautiful there today. My man & I went to Sumner on Wednesday - it's pretty crazy, the roads are trashed & the cliffs are a bit of a worry! We went over to Lyttleton too & there's just about nothing there now, so sad :(

  3. Ahhh back to work- bummer. Hope it goes ok :)
    I went to Sumner when visiting my sis-in-law last year!

    Cute outfit, like the ripped jeans! Xx

  4. Preeeeeeetty! I love your necklace! Ohhh it sucks so much about all this earthquake business. Just move to Australia already! Haha :)

  5. Loving your hair! It's got such a pretty wave in it. Adorable blouse too!
    Good luck with work too! I feel the same way with school...I miss winter break already...


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