Friday, January 6, 2012

The Bf's Choice

HI lovelies, how has your week been? I havent been sleeping well and its catching up with me :( Gonna stay in tonight and watch movies and get an early night and hopefully be nice and refershed tomorrow! On a recent(ish) date night I decided to get the BF to choose my bf is not interested in fashion AT ALL so it was quite hard....this is how it went - me holding up a coathanger with a few dressed, which one of these do you like? Him that one will do (points at one), ok accessories? Just whatever. Shoes? I out two different shoes on and he chooses one....the end. LAME. Oh well he (kinda) tried lol.

Dress - Trademe, Shoes - Cotton On ($7.50!!)

I have worn this dress before but with different shoes and accessories so I say its different hehe. Happy Friday lovelies - dont forget to check out my last picture post of my yummy kebabs! xxx


  1. Cute outfit! :) love the shoes! I almost bought some leopard ones the other day. Fun fun!!


  2. OOh he chose well! Does he take your outfit photos as well? I love those shoes!

  3. I like his choices, those shoes are stunning.
    I wouldn't even attempt that with my man he'd just grunt at me! lol

  4. Thanks ladies! You should have bought them KC I have three pairs now, flat and two heels :) He does take my photos Kirsten....not sure what the hell I'd do if he wasnt here haha. Aww Julia just do what I did and he can grunt at the ones he likes lol. xx

  5. OMG! He did awesome bc this is one of your best looks. I love those shoes with the dress.


  6. What a great idea! My boy wants to do something like this, but he would choose cargo pants, a tshirt and sneakers as he prefers me to dress casually! Don't think I want to take pics of that!

    I think your boy did well! x

  7. Awww thanks so much guys, I told the boy and he's pretty stoked haha xx

  8. i think he did well! i always try to get my boy to choose my outfits but he doesnt care haha!! i love the leopard with the blue.


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