Thursday, January 5, 2012

Marshmallow, fruit & mini Chocolate Fish Kebabs

Hi Lovelies, as I mentioned yesterday I made some wicked summer kebabs - feast your eyes on these puppies:

Yum much? They were soooo good and you dont feel too bad since theres fruit on there too haha. I used Marshmallows, an orange, an apple, strawberries, mini chocolate fish, Pineapple lumps and chocolate caramels. This will be my go to dessert if I ever get invited to a dinner party haha.

Happy Thursday lovelies, I decided to get randomly dressed up and invite my girls over for some drinkies hehe. I'll be back with an outfit tomorrow xxx


  1. They look great & I bet they tasted great too :) Ultimate summer treat

  2. looks delish!


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