Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rise Up

Hey Lovelies, how was your weekend? I hope you managed to check out the Telethon on Maori TV or online. Me friend and I popped down the road to CBS Arena and checked out what was happening, we saw lots of famous people including Rachel Hunter, Nikki Watson (and her fake boobs), Michaela and Dannielle from New Zealand next Top Model, Mike McRoberts, Sonny Bill, Sally Ridge, Brooke Howard Smith and Erin Simpson to name a few! We also caught Kids of 88 playing their hit Just a Little Bit which was awesome. If you were watching live I was probably on TV there were cameras everywhere! Over 1 million was raised to help my city rebuild, a very emotional day for aot of cantabrians and New Zealanders alike I would think.

I love this cute outfit, right from the socks and sandals to the suspenders a super cute and comfy outfit = win.

Sandals - Rubi, Socks - Mum, Skirt - Valley Girl, Shirt - Glassons

Back to work again tomorrow, so looking forward to the long weekend in a few weeks and my birthday! Happy Sunday xxx


  1. You are so incredibly beautiful--I love the combination of glasses, piercings, socks, and sandals! I'd love to see you get your left eyebrow pierced and wear black socks with sandals.

  2. Thank you very much :) Not sure I want another piercing in my face - got enough already haha.


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