Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wellington Day 3

A picture heavy post for you today!

Breakfast of champians! (there was no plates)

shirt - Tempt
Tights - Farmers
Boots - Number one shoe warehouse

square toilet hehe


Our third day in Wellington we hung out in the hotel room and had some breaky - in mugs haha. We then wandered and got some lunch and ate it by the waterfront. We happened to be near Te Papa museum so we nipped in there and had a look around and got some nice pics of the veiw! It was very windy outside so wasnt practical to get outfit shots outside. We then went to The Lanes and went bowling hehe - I havent bowled in aaaaages! The shoes were surprisingly comfortable. James got an awesome shot of me mid bowl as you can see above. After that we wandered back to the hotel & got a shuttle back to the airport and it was goodbye Wellington. James wasnt keen on a picture of himself on the plane lol. I got the shirt I'm wearing in the pics whie I was in Wellington, so comfortable and versatile. It was great having a few days away and we came back on Saturday so still had a day and a bit before work again.

Ive managed to take a few outfit pics lately with my mates camera so I will try post a bit more regularly. I dont want to run out though! Im hoping to sort a camera this week.....will have to wait and see.

Hope you all are having a great weekend, today was a gorgeous day, sunny and hot - I cant wait for summer!



  1. Oh my gosh, clicking here that you live in Chch - it must've been such a shock waking up to that earthquake, I felt it at my house and it was quite strong and I just remember waking up and thinking "I should move to my doorway, no.. fuck it I'm staying in bed" and eventually going back to sleep. I can only imagine how you would've felt!!

    Sounds like you had a good time in Wellington, I always find that Cuba St is great to go for the cafes etc which you should check out next time you're here if you haven't already (ie Offbeats down left bank does a delish choc peanut butter milkshake mmmmmm) xx

  2. Holy crap did you feel it that big in Welly? Crazy! It seems so surreal thinking back now, it was the single most frightening thing I have ever experienced!! I got such a fright, sprinted out of my bed & under the door way which i was literally hugging lol.Aftershocks still happening although anything under a 4 im not feeling anymore lol becoming immune I think!

    I love visiting Wellington everything is right there in the city centre its great! I always stay in Cubs Street so Ive been to a few cafes - not offbeats though will try it next time!


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