Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Casual

My day off yesterday didnt go exactly as planned. First of all I went to the mall down the road, looked at a few shops then waited to get a hair trim, I then drove to meet my friend at Riccarton Mall. I got there and I saw all these people running down the fire escapes and lots of people outside on the footpath. I parked my car and went and asked a couple of ladies what happened. Apparently there was a BIG aftershock!!! I thought I felt my wheel drive a bit funny while I was driving which Im assuming was when the aftershock happened. So glad I wasnt at work and so glad I was driving!! Apparently it was quite large and caused lots of stuff to fall over and break in peoples houses :( It was a magnatude 5.0 which was no where near as big as the original 7.1 quake but it was very shallow and close to the city centre so felt strongly. Its a pity that the only mall that was evacuated in Christchurch was the one I was going to! I went round to my mates place as she hadnt left yet, hung out for a bit, painted me toe nails then we headed to The Palms another mall and had ourselves a casual long lunch! Sat out in the sun, had a few ciders and some lunch it was great! Except for the part when I got burnt lol I now have a large red square on my back lol. After lunch we went shopping, I picked up a cute handbag. We then picked up a bottle of wine and our friend drove us to my mates place to visit her and her wee bubba. I love seeing him hes so cute!! he always smiles when he sees me.

This is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, just a casual, comfy outfit. Im loving being able to take pictures when I get home as its still light outside AND having a backyard to pose in!!

Jeans - Jay Jays, Wedges - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Top - Valley Girl, Cardy - Jay Jays

Only two more days of work then a 3 day weekend yay!! xxx

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