Thursday, October 7, 2010


For some reason my stupid computer is having a spaz when I try to uload pics. Not happy!! I still dont have a camera but my friends is letting me borrow hers as me and the bf are going to Wellington for a few days today. We are catching Paramore live tonight then shopping, drinking, eating that sort of stuff :) I really havent been away with him with just the two of us.......maybe only once before which is just not good enough!

I hope you can all bear with me until the stupid EQC decides to contact me and either fix or replace my broken camera. I was just starting to get into my fashion when BAM a 7.0 maganatude earthquake cocked it all up. Least I am fine and so is my house thought. Its really sad to hear after more than a month people are still without water and power, or the power goes off and on intermitently.....and there are still aftershocks happening - in fact the second biggest since the big quake was the other day a 5.0. We have had over 1400 aftershocks now. Needless to say we are all over it and I am looking forward to going to another city for a few days!

Take care xxx

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