Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Only Exception

As you know I took a trip to Wellington last week with the boy to catch Paramore live at TSB Arena. What an experience!! My friend lent me her camera so I was able to take some pics - her camera isnt fantastic so they arent great quality lol.

We flew up last Thursday afternoon, caught a shuttle to the Hotel where we ditched our bags then walked to the supermarket to get some wine! We then got ready and headed to Istanbul - a restaurant in Welly that I LOVE, I recommend it if you are ever in Wellington. Plus its BYO so we enjoyed some wine before the show and a yummy dinner!

This is what I wore to dinner and the show:

Not wearing alot you may think? Well it was pretty damn hot at the show as you can imagine, dont worry I took a cardy haha

Skirt - Valley Girl
Flats - The Warehouse ($6!)
Top - Supre
Necklace - Dive or somewhere
Headband - Diva I think
Extensions - Trademe

There was a MASSIVE line outside TSB when we got there, we casually slipped ourslves in towards the middle haha, we waited fir AGES, I had to go pee, luckily there was a bar right beside TSB so i whipped in there then back out to the line.

Me and my boy waiting in line x

Hayley in action at the show - she is freaking HOT. She has like, perfect skin its ridiculous.


There were two bands on before Paramore, one a NZ band called Jury and the Saints and another fron US called Reliant K. Not really my kind of music but was entertaining enough. Paramore killed it though, sang all their good songs and sound awesome live. I was checking out Hayley and on of the guitarists - he was hot! Married though Hayley said...gutted haha.

Only downside to the show was all the teeny boppers. Their fan base is mostly very young tweens as far as I can see! They kept trying to push through the crowd which pissed me off and one chick even tried to start a fight with me outside after the show for no reason WTF? I was like go to bed geeeeeeeez.

Thats enough for now, I will fill you in on the rest of my holiday another day xx

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