Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink and Red

Happy Monday lovlies! My first official day back at work today was interesting. Rather weird to be back and of course weird as its a completely new building since our old one is still in the red zone. Its right beside a train track too which will take a bit of getting used too. Most of the morning was spent chatting and catching up - and eating haha then slowly getting into some work. Tomorrow will probably be full speed ahead back to normal. It will be a struggle for awhile as I remember how to do everything and get my bearings around the new place. Be good to get back into a normal routine though.

As promised more on our weekend away. On the Saturday we wandered into the town centre and caught up with my Auntie who's cottage we were staying at, had a look at the shops and then had a yummy lunch. We then went for a walk and found an awesome swimming hole - the boy wants to take a car load down and spend a day & possibly night swimming and drinking, we'd need to do it asap as its only getting colder! You can see the lovely backdrop in my pictures.

Jeans - JayJays, Heels - Number 1 Shoe Warehouse, Top - Shanton

I just bought these heels the other day only $35!

I also found the gorgeous bright top for only $15! Perfect for work too.

Awesome rope for swinging into the swimming hole

It then got a bit hotter so I changed into this top I found on Trademe for $3 go the bargains!

Background is Lake Pukaki Canal - you cant really tell but its a trippy very light blue/grey colour

I'll leave you with that today as I changed yet again to go out for dinner, I will show you that outfit tomorrow! xxx

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