Monday, March 21, 2011

Life huh?

Hello everyone I hope you all had a great weekend. I managed to get a wee bit out of town for one night.....not quite enough though, we returned to Christchurch on Sunday and had the biggest aftershock we have had since the February 22nd Quake (5.1) which was kinda scary. Alas life goes one doesnt it? Im still not back at work this week but I should be next week, I want to use this week to sort out the new house & do things I never seem to find the time to do.

A few exciting things have happened over the last few days that I have to share - I treated myself to a new mobile in the weekend its got the whole touchscreen, internet shebang I love it! I also just confirmed today a week long holiday for me and the boy to the Gold Coast of Australia!! Im so excited in the nearly 3 years we have been together we have not been on a proper holiday and never overseas - the boy in fact has NEVER been overseas.......getting him a passport is on the to do list lol. Soooooo EXCITED MUCH? Yes, yes I am.

Anywho to my outfit, my Mum got me this sheer black shirt for Christmas and I love it, I love the bow tie on the front and the sheerness, perfect for work, dressed up or casual. This day I went for casual :)

Shirt - Gift, Shorts - Valley Girl, Sandals - Rubi, Necklace - Flatmates

You will be seeing alot of pictures taken at our old house until I get caught up - probably a few weeks at least I'd say! Unfortunately the new place doesnt have much of a yard but enough for my outfit pictures hehe.

Happy Monday everyone! xxx

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