Friday, June 18, 2010

My Birthday!

It was my 25th Birthday last Saturday! I just got back from Auckland on the Friday night then it was all on! My Mum and Dad flew down from Auckland the same night as me and my brother drove up from Dunedin. My Uncle and Aunty also came from Wellington and a few other family members travelled for the party. It was awesome to have all my friends and family all together :) I had an awesome night, I dont feel 25 its crazy, 25 sounds so old :(

Heres some pics of my night:

Me and my Boy :)

Me and my Nana hehe

Me and one of my besties Carrie, her first night out after having a bubba a few months ago!

A goofy pic of me, Carrie her man and my man :)

Yay its the weekend! This week at work has gone quick! Its my first week at my new job after training so its been pretty hardout buts its gone fast and it seems to have gone well lol. I still dont know everything but im getting there. Its frustrating because since im in a call centre if I get a call at 4.25 and I finish at 4.30 I have to take it and the calls can be anything from 10 to 40 minutes plus! Thats including all the computer work invloved. Bit of a downside but at least ya get overtime! Im looking forward to pay day next week!!

Right I think im going out cruising now James's friend is offering me petrol money and a bottle of wine to take my car out lol - he must be bored!!


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