Sunday, June 6, 2010

Im still Here!

Hey guys did you miss me? As you know Ive been in Auckland training for work so I havent been able to do my regular updates! Its been an experience, we are staying at Sky City hotel right in the heart of Auckland. Its great as there is everything at Sky City - hotel, restaurants, and of course the sky tower! We have been spending most our time at the buffet restaurant hehe check out the pudding I had on our first night there:

It includes, ice cream, caramel sauce and hundreds and thousands, strawberry sause and chopped nuts, mini lemon merengu pie and fruit salad!!

The Hotel also has a cute wee gym which im ashamed to say I only took advantage of once :(

It also has an outdoor pool on the roof hehe. I havent used it but apparently its heated so I might have to check it out next week!
This is my Hotel room, the bed is GIGANTIC! Im curled in this little ball on one side haha.

The training has been ok so far, alot of boring lectures but towards the end of the week we started getting into role playing scenarios that might happen, Next week is going to be pretty intense me thinks! Hope I do ok!!

So other than eating and work training I managed to catch up with Mum and Dad while I was in Auckland which was cool. Me and mum went for tea and did some shopping one night and I scored a long-sleeve knit jersey dress thing for winter. I also found the perfect black heels - They didnt have my size so Mum picked up a half size up on Friday for me so hopefully they fit!! I want to wear them for my birthday next weekend :)

Thats a quick update of my week. I will do an outfit post tonight or tomorrow for my weekend outfits!


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