Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a weekend!!

Hey guys, so I was going to update yesterday before I went to Auckland but that didnt happen.....I'll start at the beginning! Saturday morning I had a photoshoot so I had to get up early. We did four different outfits and three makeup looks, one neutral, one smoky eye and one out there one! Unfortunately my pictures are all out of order but I took a few pics of my makeup when i got home on Saturday. Cant wait to see the final pics! Saturday night I went to a mates 20th bday. Took my usual two bottles of wine but the second one didnt agree with me and I ended up spewing my ring out everywhere :( which lead to me being SEVERLY hungover today and I had to get up and fly to Auckland :( I was FUCKED. Couldnt eat, trying not to spew the whole way, shaky and tired.....absolutely horrible! When we finally got here I took a wee nap and then managed to fit in three helpings at the buffet for dinner lol. Feeling alot better now! Cant wait for tomorrow morning as I will be feeling 100% again!!

This is what I wore out Saturday night:

White top - Mums
Navy Blue skirt with suspenders - Valley Girl
Tights - Farmers
Shies - The Warehouse
Big bangle - Cotton On
Small bangles - Equip?
Earrings - Equip?

Isnt the skirt cute?? I thought it was so cool! you can also take the suspenders off and just wear the skirt :)

This is my makeup for my shoot - pictures arent the best but you get the idea! Sequins on my lips hehe

Skirt - Supre
Lace top - Glassons
Black singlet - Supre
Boots - The Warehouse

So a very interesting weekend, some good, some bad! Last night was an awesome night until I started spewing! I am staying at the Sky City Hotel its very swanky! Lots of casinos, restaurants, a gym, a pool, havent done much wandering yet as I wasnt up to it but will have more of a look round during the week! I better try get some sleep!

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. I love love love your hair :) I was living in Dunedin until about three months ago when I moved to Sydney :) Yay for southern girls.

  2. Awww thanks chicky! Its actually really easy to get it to look like that too I was amazed! Awesome to see another soutern girl on here :)


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