Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photoshoots Galore

Hey guys, pretty cruisy and relaxing weekend this weekend :) I decided to play around with my camera and do a wee mini photoshoot on Saturday hehe. This is what I wore today - comfy sunday outfit:

Leather Jacket - Trademe (Jay jays)
tights - Farmers
Boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Skirt - Supre
Grey Tshirt - Kmart

Since my photos are backwards I'll start with today I wanted to know how far it was to walk to my new work so me and the boy walked there - took about half an hour so thats sweet! We then went to a gym in town that I am looking at joining, its got a ppol too which is mint. My membership is about to run out where I am now and this new one is $300 cheaper! So think I'll be going there. Its a shame because all the ladies at my gym are so nice. Other than that I went to Glassons and scored myself a cute lavender singlet and some black high-waist shorts. I was all domesticated and baked banana choc chip muffins and marshmallow slice :)

Yesterday (Saturday) I accidentally went shopping (I know im hopeless) - I alwasy make sure I get good bargains though! I bought a goreous purple top I can wear to my new job and casual, two dresses and these awesome lace up boots:

I have been looking for some lace up boots everywhere! I managed to score these for $30 :) I would have perferred flats but they have bg chunky heels which will be easier to walk on than stilleto ones.

I went to a photoshoot in the afternoon and I had to do my hair and makeup so I decided to do a mini photoshoot when I got home hehe. Had to show off my new boots too of course!! 

Red top - Glassons
Skirt - Supre
Tihgts - Kmaert
Boots - The Warehouse
Belt and bangle - Cotton On
Necklace - A gift

Saturday night I just hung out at home. had a few drinks and watched movies. Was good to stay home for once :)

Annnnd a close up of my new boots:

On Saturday I also went to visit my friend and her wee baby, I made him laugh hehe check out this gorgrous pic of him laughing at me:

Isnt that the cutest thing ever? ANywho I better be off, Im watching Alien Resurrection on TV! I start my new job tomorrow - wish me luck!!


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