Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hope everyones weekends are going well! Sunday night how I love/hate you lol. Its always a nice relaxing night but slightly ruined by the fact I cant stop thinking I have to get up and go to work tomorrow :(

Anyway enough depressing shite. Yesterday I went for a bit of a shop, a run, mucked around. Went to a few parties with a mate then hit the clubs for a boogy! Just a typical weekend really lol. I want to have a date night with the boy one weekend Ive decided - dinner, some drinks then a movie hehe hopefully hes keen too!

To my outfit, this is what I wore yesterday:

Top - Glassons
Skirt - Glassons
Belt - Glassons
Shoes - The Warehouse
Tights - Farmers
Necklace - a gift for my 21st

I like my outfit I think its cute!

This is what I wore out Saturday night:

Dress - Wildpair
tights - Glassons
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - Pagani
Necklace - a gift for my 21st
Various bangles

Isnt it funny how the flash on and off creates such different colouring? I'll update what I did today 2moro as I have lots of pics! Time to watch the Simpsons now!


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