Friday, April 30, 2010


So I had this massive post nearly finished yesterday and then I went and hit refresh.....why u ask? Cos im a dumbass!! So I'll cut it short cos im lazy hehe. I have two job interviews next week and for one I have to do another test on the computer at home :( This one was way more hardout than the other - freaking hard!!! I did not enjoy it and I did crap....well im pretty sure I did and Im kind of embarrased to find out my results when I go for my interview eeeeeeeek. I hope they dont put too much basis on the test like the last crowd!

Anyway I was supposed to do a photoshoot yesterday after work so I rushed home and got all prettied up but the guy never text me so I was all made up with no where to go lol so I thought I should put some effort into my outfit:

Its still been quite mild weather so it was great not to have to layer up heaps!

Man I dont like how pictures come out on here! Im not chubby honestly!!

Lace top - The Warehouse
Blue skirt - Supre
Tights - Kmart
Black singlet - (underneath) - Tempt
Wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
belt - Cotton On

So yay its Friday! Thank god. work has been really quiet which = boring which = days go so slow :( But lets not talk about that lets relax and unwind its the weekend! Might watch a movie I just went over to my mates and pinched a whole bunch hehe.

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