Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keeping up with the lace....

Whats up whats up. (p.s. watch Sex Drive then you will get that hehe). My last day off today eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. Dont want to go back to work :( Had my job interview this morning - went for an hour and a 1/4 THEN I got an email later with a link to a questionaire/test that took me over and hour to complete......I better freaking get this job! I really do want it and I cant believe the hurdles you have to go through to get it.....be a great company to work with but I will be a tad peeved if I dont get it after all the time ove spent trying too....The thing is one of the guys interviewing me knows my current boss and supervisor....no idea if that works to my advantage or the opposite :( Gah. Im so sick of this I just want a new job, I hate the appyling. I hate the waiting. Its like torture!

On the upside I went shopping again for a hooded brown leather jacket....came home with three things - none of them a brown leather jacket lol. I got a cute black jacket, a cute black seethrough toppy thing and a very cute black dress......pictures would be better - I shall wear then soon!

Onto my next lace outfit:

Black lace top - Glassons
Black singlet - Supre
lack boots - number one shoe warehouse
Black bow belt - Cotton On
Black skirt - Supre

Back to work tomorrow :( sigh.


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