Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend outfits and good news!!

Hey peeps cant be arsed doing an outfit post everyday of the weekend so I'll stock it all up for Sunday hehe.

To the good news - I have a second interview for the job I want on Wednesday eeeeeeeeek! Im so scared. I really want it...I dont know if I should prepare or just go and see what happens.....any tips for me to nail it so they want to hire me??! Im worried I'll get all nervous and start talking crap and put them off :(

To my weekend and outfits! Friday we went to a mates place for some drinks, I sober drove so I was quite bored lol I dont like going out Fridays cos im always so tired from working all week :( We stayed till about 12am then I went home to bed while James went out cruising with our neighbour! ANyway I love my outfit I think its cute, I love my new blousey thing hehe only cost me $20 on sale and I adore the neckline! Great top to wear to work, casual or dressy :( Heres some pics:

Sheer blouse - Shanton
Black singlet - Supre
Blue skinny jeans - Supre
Black wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - pass
Headband - Mums
Bracelet & Necklace - Equip

Leather Jacket - Glassons

Saturday me and James went for a walk/run around Hagley park then he worked in his care for a bit while I ran a few errands. We then went for a drive out to a country road and I practised a few launches in my car in preparation for trackday on Thursday! I get so nervous when I do it lol. We went to a 21st with a mate Saturday night - Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of my outfit but im sure i'll wear it again! Was a good night and free booze is always a win! I spent $11 the whole night hehe. Today was actually quite warm which was great and the sun was out. Have just bummed round home really, baked a slice which im chilling in the fridge and cleaned out my singlet draw - I now have a few to list on trademe and make me some money! Read my cosmo in the sun for a bit and mucked around on the computer - oh and I applied for a job :) Pretty relaxing day really and supre stoked im not hungover!

What I wore Saturday:

I know ive been rocking my leather jacket alot lately but i loves it! It goes with so many outfits hehe.

Boote - Number one shoe warehouse
Jeans - Jay Jays
Blue top - Cotton on?
Grey hoody - Farmers
Leather jacket - Glassons

Todays outfit: Nice n comfy sunday outfit!

I picked up this top in Auckland for $16 I love the pattern and colours! and the cute wee zips hehe.

Top - Valley Girl
Tights - Farmers
'Boots - Number 1 shoe warehouse
Cardy - Glassons

Hope you all had a great weekend! Back to work tomorrow :(



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