Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back home - Lace catchup!

Hey guys im back home now :) Was a great couple of days catching up with my family in Auckland! Was awesome to be able to take the bf with me too hehe. Poor old Dads going through the wars, he developed a bad rash in reaction to the antibiotics hes on so that wasnt fun for him. He needs to really look after himself now and I hope he does! I wish I was there to keep an eye on him.....

We didnt get up to too much up there as Dad wasnt well. We went shopping Sarturday and I found some good bargains which I will share with you soonies hehe. James got himself a couple of pairs of shoes for under $60! Other than that we just chilled out, ate, drank, watched movies and went for a bit of a drive today. I also met up with a mate for a frap which was nice.

Heres an update on my lace long weekend for the last few days:

Long-sleeved lace top - The Warehouse
Black singlet - Supre
Black belt - Pagani
Purple high-waist skirt - Valley Girl
Black tights - Farmers
Black flats - The Warehouse
Black bangle - Cotton On
Black bow headband - Diva

I really like this look. White singlet - Supre
white lace top - Jay Jays
Black skinnies - Jay Jays
Greay Boots - Numer one shoe warehouse

I still have two more days of holiday yay! Im really tired but the bf wants to go to his mates tonight to play xbox and have a few drinks....I guess I may as well make the most of my time off an do stuff! I do have a bottle of wine in the fridge hehe.

Hope you have all had a great weekend so far :) Happy Easter!


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