Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hey hey. Yesterday it was me and the boys two year anniversary hehe I loves him! Instead of going out we decided to stay in and have a nice home cooked meal :)

Heres the table I had set up hehe. Looked better with the drinks and food on it but meh.

We had a lovely meal and a great chat.....relaxed for the rest of the night....well most of it hehe. Cant wait to see what the future brings :)

This is what I wore:

Dress - Supre
Knee high socks - The Warehouse
Heels - Number one shoe warehouse
Belt - Glassons

Looked better in person, my photos suck sorry.

Im so glad its Friday tomorrow. I need a sleep in and some relaxing time! Although Im gonna have to sit down and apply for a heap of jobs.....I also got a reply back about the email I sent on Tuesday. Just a whole bunch of crap really. Doesnt really sound like a place I'd wanna work after all that I guess......

Hope you are all having a fab week!


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