Sunday, April 18, 2010

I modelled at a Wedding expo!

Hey peeps. A catchup of my weekend for you :) Friday started off pretty quiet at home, watched a movie then ended up going for a cruise round town. Ended up at the skids (which I did not want to go to) with a crapload of people all drunk and all over the place. Saw one skid then two chicks started smashing a god people are pathetic. Then it was basically a mob of people onto this one guy...then the cops showed up so we left and headed home.....hopefully I never have to go to the skids again!

Saturday I hung out with the boy, we walked into town and got some lunch and sat and ate it down by the river. I should have gotten some pics it was a beautiful day! we had a wee shop then wandered back home. In the afternoon I had to go to a fitting for the wedding show. Met all the models and had a look backstage etc. Was cool as my mate is doing it too and also a chick I used to go to school with!

White T-shirt - Supre
Jeggings - Kmart
Black shoes - the Warehouse
Cardigan - Glassons
Earrings - A gift

My saturday outfit was pretty casual since I was walking around :) 

Saturday night me and the boy just watched movies as I had to get up really early sunday morning. We had to be at the wedding expo at 8am for hair and makeup. Was fun getting all done up. I wasnt doing the catwalk show so I didnt actually end up doing much. I wandered around for about half an hour at the start handing out lollies then I had to get out of the dress as it was being used in the fashion show. I helped out backstage and watched the show. We had a break for lunch then after the second fashion show we had a photo shoot. It was over so quickly I hope she actually got some decent pictures!!! I didnt take my camera to the show but my friend did so hopefully I can show u guys some pics soon!

I was very casual today too as I wanted to be comfortable when I wasnt in a dress and heels.


Grey top - Glassons
Black tights - Farmers
Boots - No 1 shoe warehouse
Cardigan - Supre

My hair and makeup is still on from the wedding expo hehe I quite liked how they did my hair dont you?

Im so tired now but it was fun! Wish I had another day to recover but I have to go to a lame customer service course all day tomorrow then work for the rest of the week - LAME. I want sleeeeeeeeeep.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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