Monday, April 5, 2010

More Lace!

So ended up getting to bed around 5am this morning....not good lol. So tired today and wasted half the day in bed! Got some visiting out of the way today my nana and James's family. Was nice to catch up with some peeps. I printed off some photos for my Nana which she was stoked about hehe. Even went and got a few groceries for her what a good granddaughter I am!

We watched a movie and now im going to cook some tea yummo. James is at the video shop with his mate picking out some more vids. Im getting nervous about my job interview tomorrow.....I really want it eeeeeeeek I hope they like me! Fingers crossed! Im looking forward to another day off work - will not sleep in so I can get lots done.

My next lace outfit for you:

I think this outfit is cute hehe. I love my lace skirt! And these pics have turned out well - my legs are looking super skinny in these pics high five!haha

White top - From mum
Lace skirt - Jay jays
Black bow belt - Cotton On
Black wedges - Number one shoe warehouse
Bangle - Cotton On
Headband - Diva

I hope you guys have enjoyed my lace outfit long weekend! Still not over yet stay tuned :)


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