Friday, May 28, 2010

Week One - check!

First week of my new job down! It went pretty quickly.....I think its because I didnt wake up every morning dreading going to work and tired as fuck because It was so early. Ive been getting up half an hour later than at my old job, honestly that extra half an hour does wonders!!! I am actually really enjoying working to work too - except as you know this week has been raining EVERY freaking day :( Hasnt made for great outfits....I know its only going to get colder but if the sun is out it will inspire me to put in a little effort!! Heres what I wore today:

Its not great light so you cant see the shorts very well but they are so cute and comfy! I got them the other week, they are high-waisted too and they fit really nicely - smoothing in the right areas ;) I cant wait to wear them in the summer!

Tights - Glasson
boots - The warehouse
Shorts - Glassons
Top - Jay Jays
Jacket - Jay Jays
Necklace - Equip
Ring - Cotton On

I will be very quiet the next few weeks as I am flying up to Auckland on sunday for a weeks training, flying back for the long weekend then back up to Auckland for another weeks training....then as soon as im back its my bday so I will be busy busy!!! I will have lots to catch up on so stay with me :)

I will post a final post on sunday....looking forward to a few parties tomorrow night and a photshoot tomorrow so should have some cool pics to share with you soon!



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